InferCabulary Pro:
Awesome Multisensory Digital Vocabulary Tool
Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Beth Lawrence, the co-creator of InferCabulary Pro, a very impressive educational software tool for vocabulary development.  It is well worth your time to learn more about what she and her partner, Deena Seifert, have created.

Their approach to developing InferCabulary Pro reflects solid evidence-based research and includes many valuable features and functionalities such as:

    •    Accessible on any internet-connected device including computers, tablets and smart phones
    •    Benefits students from Grade One through Grade Twelve
    •    Can be used for one-on-one tutoring, small classroom groups or the entire class
    •    Leverages visual imagery to aid in semantic reasoning and “deep reading”
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Later in our conversation, Beth and I also talk about their norm-referenced Test of Semantic Reasoning (TOSR) available through Academic Therapy Publications.  The TOSR is also getting great reviews and is another great assessment tool for our kids who learn differently.
About Beth Lawrence
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Beth Lawrence is a certified speech-language pathologist who received her Master of Arts from Northwestern University in 1994.

Since 2000, she has run a private pediatric practice, Lawrence Speech Pathology Services, in Baltimore. She assesses and works with students with language-based learning differences.

When she’s not building really great educational software and assessment tools, Beth enjoys leading workshops on a variety of topics including social pragmatics, vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, memory strategies and writing.

"I am a strong proponent of InferCabulary!  InferCabulary is not a typical vocabulary program, and there is no commercially available program that address the needs of students the way it does. Not only does it provide well thought-out and enticing visual stimuli that help students create more vivid associations and connections with the words, but it also heavily emphasizes inferencing skills and develops higher-order semantic reasoning."

-Lindy Rosen Nelson, PhD, CCC-SLP
Private Practice

"Using InferCabulary literally saved me hours. All of the planning, instruction, review and enrichment is rolled into this method.  The pictures would be a pleasure to search for... but it would take me forever! My students and I really have benefited and enjoyed this vocabulary study technique."

-Kelly, 5th Grade Teacher

"I love InferCabulary and so do my students...I think it would definitely save me time because I would not have to find the resources and make up my own procedures, worksheets, etc.   If I had access to thousands of words, I could easily pick and choose the ones I need for a lesson."

-Amy, 5th Grade Teacher